Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement

Confidential Disclosure Agreement

The Oklahoma Academy of Physician Assistants, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as “OAPA”), a nonprofit corporation of Oklahoma proposes to disclose to the signer of this document, certain confidential information relating to the business and affairs of OAPA upon the following conditions:

1. Recipient shall treat all of the information (records, business, legislative matters, and related documents) received by or disclosed to Recipient as confidential, and Recipient shall take such steps as may be reasonably necessary to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of such information.

2. Recipient recognizes OAPA’s ownership of confidential information and acknowledges that all work done by Recipient while volunteering or working, in any capacity, for OAPA will be owned by OAPA.

3. Recipient will not, other than for the purpose of furthering the work of OAPA with other recipients, Directors, Officers, agents or employees, distribute, or otherwise allow confidential information to be disclosed to any other person or entity.

4. Recipient shall return all of the records submitted to Recipient relating to such confidential information to OAPA. Recipient shall not copy or retain copies, be it in paper or electronic form, of records of the confidential information.

5. This written Agreement embodies all of the understanding and obligations between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. This Agreement, may be altered, amended, modified, or superseded only in a writing executed jointly by the Parties. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Oklahoma.

6. Disclosure of Confidential Information may result in Recipient being terminated or removed from service at the sole discretion of the Board of OAPA. Recipient understands that both monetary damages and irreparable harm to OAPA may result if default of this Agreement occurs by Recipient and that Recipient may be held monetarily responsible for such damages.

7. In signing this agreement, Recipient acknowledges that Recipient hasn’t in previous instances disclosed any OAPA related confidential information or, will notify the President of the Board of any disclosed confidential information prior to signing this agreement. Recipient further acknowledges that consideration for this Agreement will be recognition by OAPA for service or involvement with OAPA.

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