PA Laws and Rules

State of Oklahoma Physician Assistant Act

Oklahoma Administrative Code

*Note: these are currently under revision due to law changes

NEW: When changing or adding delegating physicians, you must now notify the Medical Board in writing (may be via email) within 10 business days. Medical Board approval is no longer required prior to employment, however your license must still be current/active. The form 5 is here.

Controlled Substance Law

Opioid Best Practices Updated

New Rules Proposed by PA Advisory Committee NOT adopted by Medical Board

These are the Administrative Rules that were agreed upon by the PA Advisory Committee to the Medical Board which consists of PAs, MDs, and DOs. These rules were developed over years of work and research. The Medical Board sent these for public comment, then formed their own subcommittee and re-wrote new rules changing much of the language.

New Rules Adopted By Medical Board sent to Legislature

These are the Administrative Rules that the subcommittee of the Medical Board, consisting of 3 physicians and 2 lay people from the Board developed and are now at the legislature. These have been greatly changed from the original proposed rules and are very concerning for PA practice and delivering care to patients in Oklahoma in an efficient manner.