Joe Monroe, PA-C

Mr. Monroe graduated from the University of Oklahoma PA program in 1978, and by 1985 was practicing dermatology exclusively as he has done since that time, in Oregon, Washington, and Oklahoma where he lives and currently practices.

In 1992, he conceived the idea of forming a specialty organization with eventually became the Society of Dermatology PA’s in 1994, representing over 5,000 practicing PA’s in this country.

He is currently practicing Tele-Dermatology for the VA, but he continues to teach, lecture and write on dermatology topics.

When Should I Refer to Derm?


  • Attendees will be exposed to the most important aspect of referral, that being the identification of a specific provider who can facilitate referrals.
  • Attendees will be discouraged from sending dermatology referrals to the emergency department unless that department is able to arrange immediate or at least timely derm consults.
  • A patient with the combination of fever, rash, and malaise needs a referral that day if possible. Herpes zoster is an exception to the rule.
  • Other problems witch demand a prompt referral include:
    Serious hidradenitis supprativa.
    Refractive or questionable psoriasis.
    Refractive or questionable scabies.
    Problems that do not require referral: bedbugs.