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Program Update: OSU

STUDENT Spotlight: Taylor Lanning, PA-S2, Class of 2024

I became interested in tribal medicine at an early age. Most of my family are from Talihina, Oklahoma. If not for the Choctaw Indian Nation healthcare system, a lot of my family members would not have been able to obtain the healthcare they needed. I realized a lot of people still lack adequate access to native healthcare.

Through working in the emergency department, I realized just how many medical issues can potentially be prevented if patients have adequate access to primary care.

When I started looking into PA schools, I learned about OSU’s mission and realized it aligned with mine. OSU wants to create primary care providers that can help bridge the gap for rural Oklahoma, which includes Native Americans as well. I applied for and was fortunate enough to receive the Indian Health Services scholarship. I made a two-year commitment to work within their systems and I am sure that time will go by very quickly for me as it is my passion to assist those who need healthcare in the Native American networks. I plan on serving in the primary care area and believe my participation in the OSU program is preparing me for this privilege to provide excellent primary care to the underserved Native American population of Oklahoma.

The OSU-CHS PA program has enjoyed having Taylor as part of the Class of 2024. It is clear she has compassion and dedication for serving tribal populations. As an Oklahoman from a rural community, she embodies the mission of OSU-CHS. We look forward to watching Taylor’s skills continue to develop on her journey to becoming a practicing PA. We cannot wait to see her graduate in October and meet her goals for serving underserved communities.

We are thrilled to share exciting news from OSU-CHS PA Program as we celebrate the monumental achievement of our inaugural graduating class! With a mission deeply rooted in serving rural and underserved populations of Oklahoma, we take immense pride in the accomplishments of our graduates and their dedication to making a difference in healthcare access and equity. We are delighted to report graduate data from our first class:

– **95% PANCE pass rate for first time takers, which is above the national average, which is a testament to the preparedness of our graduates.

– **81% of graduates are working in Oklahoma, extending their expertise and care to communities across our state.

– **29% of graduates have chosen careers in primary care, embodying our culture of providing essential medical services to those who need it most.

– **33% of graduates have embarked on careers specifically focused on rural healthcare, ensuring that vital healthcare resources are accessible to even the most remote areas.

– **29% of graduates have made the decision to remain in Tulsa metro area, enriching our local healthcare infrastructure and contributing to the well-being of our community directly.

Their achievements underscore the importance of our mission and reaffirm our commitment to training healthcare professionals who are equipped to address the unique challenges faced by rural and underserved populations.

As we reflect on this significant milestone, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to our graduates and express our gratitude to OSU-CHS faculty, staff, and community partners who have supported them throughout their journey.