Requirements for Licensure

A Physician Assistant may be considered for licensure if he/she meets the following qualifications:

  • Possesses good moral character.
  • Graduated from an accredited Physician Assistant Program consisting of at least one year of classroom instruction and one year of clinical experience that includes a minimum of one month each in family medicine, emergency medicine and surgery.
  • Has passed an examination for physician assistants recognized by the Board.

A Physician Assistant may perform no health care services until the supervising physician and Physician Assistant jointly file a current application to practice and a letter authorizing practice to begin is approved. Applications to Practice received between meetings of the Committee will be reviewed by the Secretary of the Board who may grant permission by letter to practice temporarily until the next meeting of the Committee and the Board. **Beginning August 27, 2020 SB1915 which was signed into law goes into affect which no longer requires an application to practice. From that time forward, the delegating physician and PA will need to send a written statement about their practice agreement to the medical board within 10 business days of employment. This eliminates the burdensome and time-consuming approval process.**

Licenses are renewed annually by application PRIOR to March 31 for the subsequent year beginning April 1 and ending the last day of March. Licenses issued BEFORE March 31 must be renewed for the next occurring renewal period.

Following initial licensure, each PA must provide evidence that he or she has successfully completed 20 hours of Category I approved continuing medical education to be earned and logged between January 1st and December 31st.  At least one of the twenty hours of Category I CME shall be earned during the same time period concerning the topic of substance abuse.  A substantial benefit of OAPA membership is the automatic logging of CME hours with the state medical board. For those that attend the annual OAPA conference in the Fall, these hours including the substance abuse requirement, are completed each year.

Unrenewed licenses become inactive as of April 1 and if reactivated on or after April 1, a late payment fee is assessed in addition to the renewal fee.  If a license is not renewed by May 31, the PA will be required to submit a new Application for Licensure and a new Application to Practice, and pay the initial licensure fees. 


Applications and additional licensure information are available online at the Oklahoma Board of Licensure and Supervision website.