Become Involved

Leadership Opportunities:

Get involved with OAPA and take on a leadership position. Speak for the profession and represent PAs all across the state.  As an OAPA member, you can vote in elections every year for new leaders or run for office yourself. In addition to officer positions, OAPA offers a variety of committees to serve on as a committee member. The OAPA Board meets at least six times a year. Come and Volunteer and let your voice be heard.Committees:

Maybe you are not interested in running for office or leading the academy. Maybe you are interested in just becoming involved and meeting other PAs, another good reason to join OAPA.  OAPA offers a variety of committees to serve on.  There is something for everyone! 

Social Networking: 

Attend an OAPA sponsored event or conference and meet other PAs in your same specialty.  Attend board meetings and meet your leaders in Oklahoma and make new friends! 

Online Networking:

Don’t have the opportunity to attend functions or conferences? Try our Facebook account to interact with OAPA and with PAs across the state!

Have Fun:

Last but not least, join OAPA and have fun! Reunite with old classmates or meet new friends!  The opportunities are countless!

Contact the OAPA today and get connected!