James Beebe, MD

James Beebe, M.D., practices wound care and has been involved in the health care industry since 2005. He chose a career in medicine because he enjoys assisting others

Dr. Beebe received a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois in 1990. He received a Master of Arts degree from Concordia University in River Forrest, Illinois in 1993. He earned a medical degree from Spartan Health and Sciences University in Vioux Fort, West Indies in 2005. He completed a residency at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 2010.

When he is away from the office, Dr. Beebe enjoys spending time with his family.

Wound Care 101


  • Discuss the phases of wound healing.
  • Review what cells are responsible for healing wounds.
  • Discuss what “Biofilm” is and how it plays a role in stalled wounds.
  • Review what makes up the clinical assessment of a wound, from a nursing view.
  • Review different types of wound care products with relations to advantages, disadvantage, indications, and contraindications.